Temple for Peace A concept proposal for Burning Man 2017

Who We Are

Temple of Transition
Mazu: Goddess of the Empty Sea - Photo by Wobsarazzi

An International Crew of Burners

Projects our crews have brought to the playa include Megatropolis 2010,  the Temple of Transition 2011,  the Alex Grey Art Space at Area 51 2012,  the Control Tower 2013, Mazu Goddess of the Empty Sea 2015 and last year's epic Black Rock Lighthouse Project 2016. 

We have a global family of skilled and dedicated builders, artists, architects, engineers, support crew and more. We want to grow this family to include more burners (and burners to be) from around the world, to allow us to truly represent what peace means to cultures globally.

Chris "Kiwi" Hankins

The Lead Artist/Builder for the Temple for Peace. 

Kiwi's first burn was in 2003. He is one of the most respected builders on playa. Kiwi headed up DPW Special Projects and has been building big art ever since, including being the "back bone" of 2011's Temple of Transition.

Kiwi spends most of his time in New Zealand, but ventures across the planet for projects that inspire him and others.

Ken "Butch" Rose

Our splendid Chief Architect Ken has been going to Burning Man since forever. 

Ken's skills have been employed on playa for many years. He was lead architect on the Temple of Transition amongst other adventures.

He is rare creature who lives and works in Reno, Nevada, USA.

"Excellence is expensive, but mediocrity costs more."

Ian "Beave" Beaverstock

 Beave is Project Director for the Temple of Peace.

Beave was one of the three leads on Temple of Transition and has been building art and camps on playa since 2005. When he isn't at Afrikaburn, Kiwiburn, Nowhere, Burning Nest, Midburn, or any number of decompressions and other regional burns, he lives in the centre of the universe - Darlington, UK.