Temple for Peace A concept proposal for Burning Man 2017

Temple Blog

By: Beave | January 30, 2017

The Temple for Peace has been designed for interactivity. The open areas at ground level & stairs leading to the 3 large accessible platform/deck areas encourage visitors to explore.

The Temple for Peace invites visitors to approach from any angle. A circle of 12 lamp holders with seating built around each one invites participants to stop and rest, take in the majestic prayer tower and gothic-inspired arches, and enjoy the otherworldly music of the earth harp when it is being played.

Upon deciding to enter the Temple, visitors must choose from 24 entrances, ranging from large, open, sculpture lined 16 foot high archways under the three bridges, to smaller, more mysterious, 8 foot openings shrouded by curtains or intricate arched panels f...