Temple for Peace A concept proposal for Burning Man 2017

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By: Beave | January 30, 2017

The Temple for Peace has been designed for interactivity. The open areas at ground level & stairs leading to the 3 large accessible platform/deck areas encourage visitors to explore.

The Temple for Peace invites visitors to approach from any angle. A circle of 12 lamp holders with seating built around each one invites participants to stop and rest, take in the majestic prayer tower and gothic-inspired arches, and enjoy the otherworldly music of the earth harp when it is being played.

Upon deciding to enter the Temple, visitors must choose from 24 entrances, ranging from large, open, sculpture lined 16 foot high archways under the three bridges, to smaller, more mysterious, 8 foot openings shrouded by curtains or intricate arched panels from around the world.

Depending on which entrance they choose, they will either find themselves immediately in the large sacred Courtyard of Peace, winding through shaded columns interspersed with seating or invited to climb stairs to the other levels.

Visitors are encouraged by the flow of the design to explore. A peaceful environment with large surface areas to leave messages, photographs & tokens.

Decorative wings shade the sacred Courtyard of Peace, which will be large enough for hundreds of people to rest in. Visitors will find four altars encircling the tower base, inviting visitors to relax, meditate or pray and to leave a message or momento. Between the altars are doors through which the centre of the prayer tower can be entered, and the awe inspiring inner sanctum of the tower viewed and enjoyed.

The Temple for Peace provides a number of spaces where visitors may choose to hold a wedding, memorial or other ceremony.

The opportunity to "release" has been a unique feature & function of the Temples of Burning Man that we fully respect. The Temple of Transition achieved this well & we will follow that tradition.

We have agreed a collaboration with musician Will Close. The Earth Harp added the element of performance at sunrise & sunset in 2011 in a beautifully memorable & appropriate way. This attracted large audiences. We are excited to be able to work together again.

There will also be exhibits representing “peace” in a wide variety of cultures from The Burning Man Regional Network. We will take advantage of the International profile of our crew & work closely with our regional partners to best represent their own unique take on the concept of peace - creating a truly worldwide peace project.

Our friends at Utah Builders have agreed to work with us pending the result of their own temple application. We will also invite all the other 2017 temple applicants to collaborate with us.

This project will act as cohesive influence within Burning Man & wider world communities. We see this as an opportunity to further strengthen the Regional Network. A chance for us all to focus on a single aim that best represents us all.

Peace bringing us together.


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