Temple for Peace A concept proposal for Burning Man 2017


The Temple for Peace 2017

January 2017
Temple for Peace Sunset Drawing

Thanks for all your support.

Regretfully our plans for 2017 are on hold.

Burning Man are unwilling to offer us the 50% funding we need & have chosen a less expensive option this year.

Can’t do this thing without a realistic fundraising target.

So we now have a great design and an extraordinary worldwide bunch of crew & collaborators ready to go.

We are looking at options to make this happen in the future.

If you have ideas to help with an achievable funding strategy would love to hear from you.

Timing is everything.

Peace is an eternal endeavour

You may remember our crews from such adventures as Megatropolis 2010, the Temple of Transition 2011, the Alex Grey Art Space at Area 51 2012, the Control Tower 2013, Mazu Goddess of the Empty Sea 2015 and the epic Black Rock Lighthouse Project 2016.

We intend to create an open and interactive structure which functions as a non-denominational sacred space and as a focus for contemplation about the concept of Peace.

We want all visitors to be able to fully enjoy the Temple for Peace and will be contacting Mobility Camp to work together to maximise access for those with limited mobility.

A focus on world peace.

We have extraordinary crews and artists from all over the world to work with us. We will make this project represent peace in many forms from many cultures.  Our proposal is to build the temple  as a worldwide peace project. 

Temple for Peace


It is important that the project represents the needs of a temple and also promotes wider thought and discussion about the concept of peace in ourselves, our community and our world.

What are we building now ?

The design of the Temple for Peace is impressive and functional. The design is iterating and the plans being amended. The height is planned to be 130 feet (40 meters). The footprint 210 feet (64 meters). 

The Temple for Peace will be a tribute to Eastern Prayer Towers and Western Gothic Arches.

Both very impressive and very large scale.

The structure will be open and invite exploration and meditation. Stairs and levels and prayer tower and arches and beautiful sounds and extraordinary lighting.  Designed to encourage you to interact and leave messages of love, peace and release - a functional sacred space. 

We have professional architectural drawings, engineering plans, designs, bills of materials and more.

We have many very exciting collaborations & artistic partnerships and a detailed   plan of exactly how we make this happen. 

This will be a great deal of fun!!  

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